Labour related issues

In recent years the employment and management of staff has become a management nightmare.  Due to various Acts governing the employer/employee relationship, it has become so complicated and in many cases, restrictive.
There are six main Acts, that are relevant to the employer.  They are:

  • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act and where applicable, Bargaining Council rules;
  • The Labour Relations Act;
  • The Employment Equity Act;
  • The Skills Development Act;
  • The Black Economic Empowerment Act; and
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act.

It is very difficult for any business owner to determine whether the statutory requirements are complied with consistently, unless there is a dedicated and specialised HR team.

Smaller to medium sized businesses normally do not have the luxury of HR Departments. A possible solution is the use of outsourced practitioners to ensure compliance and to eliminate the possibility of not meeting the requirements of the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and the Labour Courts.  TBB offers professional expertise in the labour and human resources sphere of business.  We specialise in the small to medium enterprise market covering most industries in this sector.


  • Employment Equity Act
    • Employment Equity Policy
    • Employment Equity Plan
  • Skills Development
    • Workplace Skills Plan
    • Annual Training Reports
  • Disciplinary / Appeal Hearings
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures
    • Application for employment
    • Employment Contracts
      • Permanent
      • Limited Duration
      • Casual
      • Executive
      • Domestic
    • Induction Checklist
    • Restraint of Trade
    • Disciplinary Code and Procedure
    • Grievance Procedure
    • Leave Policy and Application for Leave
    • Performance Improvement Policy
    • Retrenchment Policy
    • Dealing with Aids and Disability Policy
    • Sexual Harassment Policy
    • Smoking Policy
    • Electronic Mail / Internet Policy
    • Retirement Policy
    • Study Loan Policy
    • Staff Loan Policy
    • Traffic Fine Policy
    • Substance Abuse Policy
    • Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases Act
    • Code of Conduct /Rules and Regulations
    • Exit Interview Questionnaire
    • Attendance Register
    • Certificate of Service
    • UI19 Form
    • Job Descriptions
    • Performance Appraisal
    • All wall charts as regulated by the various acts.
  • Full OHSA and Human Resources Audits
  • Monthly retainer contracts
  • Hourly fee based services