attorneys-and-advocatesAttorneys and advocates

TBB is in the unique position of being able to offer a comprehensive legal service to small and medium sized companies. We are also in the position to ensure immediate and continuous availability of and accessibility to our team of professionals.

We mainly, but not exclusively, provide legal services in the fields of:

  •   Commercial law;
  •   Mergers and acquisitions;
  •   Corporate law and Secretarial Services;
  •   Financing, treasury and banking law;
  •   Due diligence investigations;
  •   Property and Mining law;
  •   Labour law;
  •   Arbitration and mediation;
  •   Employment benefits law;
  •   Competition law;
  •   Environmental law;
  •   International trade law;
  •   Health and safety law;
  •   Tertiary Institutions;
  •   Compliance.

We add value to our clients’ business by providing relevant legal services at competitive rates or by way of attractive retainer agreements